Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Event Benefiting Shelby Humane

A special thanks to Terry Gamble for designing the Tinsel and Toddies invitation.

On Wednesday, December 16, 2009, YPBirmingham ("Young Professionals of Birmingham") will host an event benefiting Shelby Humane. Anyone in the Birmingham area is invited to attend. The event will be held at The Virginia Samford Theatre from 5:30 to 9:00pm. Tickets are $20 online, $25 at the door and $15 for YPBirmingham card holders. Beer, wine, dinner from Zoe's and the opportunity to win fabulous door prizes are all included in the ticket price.

Jenny Miller will also be in attendance with a "Howliday Wish Tree," selling special sponsorship ornaments benefiting Shelby Humane. Attendees can purchase such heartfelt sponsorship gifts as heartworm treatments for individual Shelby Humane dogs, meals for Shelby Humane dogs and cats and even sponsorships for Shelter Partners trips.

Both Brittany Maness (fellow Shelter Partners driver and blogger - see her Blog at right) and Jenifer Wallis are YPBirmingham board members. The YPBirmingham board members have all been greatly supportive of Shelby Humane.

We encourage everyone to attend. If you would like to purchase one of Jenny's sponsorship ornaments benefiting Shelby Humane but cannot attend Tinsel and Toddies, post your interest here and we will arrange it for you.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toby's New Home

Thanks to all of you who commented about and followed Toby's story. We are happy to report that Toby now has a new home in Atlanta, Georgia. Take a moment to check out his happy photos at the Shelby Humane Facebook page. Toby's happy ending would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the wonderful people at Shelby Humane and the Atlanta Beagle Rescue.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet Toby

When Jenny and I arrived back at Shelby Humane, we were so happy for the pups who made the trip. We also wanted to take a quick walk through the shelter and meet the pups who still need homes. Fellow Shelter Partner drivers will understand the disappointment felt when you drop a vanload of dogs off in New Hampshire to be adopted and return to Alabama and so many more dogs who also need homes.

During our walk through the shelter, we met Toby, a nine year old hound who has been there for a while. The reason why Toby is at Shelby Humane and his affectionate personality have made him a shelter favorite. Ronda, Shelby Humane's executive director, told us Toby's story and why she and the staff are so dedicated to find him a home.

Toby was turned in to the shelter, where he was held for seven (7) days in hopes that his owner would find him. After those seven (7) days had expired, Toby was neutered (by law and Shelby Humane's practice). Toby's owner came to the shelter a couple of days later. When Ronda took Toby's owner to him, he refused to take Toby back because, in the owner's own words, "the dog was no longer of any use to him." Toby's owner is a hunter and owns several hounds (it's probably safe to say all unaltered) who he breeds and uses to hunt. Toby's owner left him at the shelter, with no concern as to his fate. Ronda and the staff of Shelby Humane, who see so many lost dogs who are never united with their owners, were appalled and vowed to find Toby a good home.

Toby is around nine years old and loves playgroup with the other dogs. He is very affectionate and deserves a real home. You can adopt Toby by stopping by Shelby Humane at 361 McDow Road, Columbiana, AL. Directions are available at or by calling the shelter at (205) 669-3916.

If you adopt Toby, we will feature your story on this blog.

17 dogs & 2,500 miles

We are on the last leg of our journey traveling through Alabama. We cannot wait to hear from the new families that adopt the dogs that made this trip with us. A BIG thanks to Joan of, Brooke and Brittany Maness who supported and checked on us throughout our journey and to Anna Nelson who provided us with yummy treats.

Without our supporters financially, these trips would not be possible. THANK YOU for supporting the cause and these dogs so that they can have a chance at life.

We will continue to update the blog with news from New Hampshire when the little ones get adopted and find their way to their new families.

Our lofty goal of $10,000 for our 10,000 miles has not been reached. We will continue our fundraising efforts from this site. If this if your first visit to our blog, it is NOT too late to contribute to the cause!

The Morning After . . .

We made it as far as Kingsport, Tennessee last night - 37 hours straight! We located a hotel, thanks to the help of my (Jenny's) husband Zach, and crashed for the night.

Yesterday the battery to the laptop was running low, so we weren't able to blog as we traveled
south. After departing Nashua, we made our way to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to meet a fellow supporter of the trip, Candace Hunter. We met at a delicious Indian restaurant - Passage to India - enjoyed good food and good conversation. After departing Candace, we drove as far as we could get (despite thinking we might make it all the way back!). We did find a cozy Comfort Inn where interestingly enough, Samford's debate team was also staying!

To start our morning out right, an older gentlemen in the lobby thought we were freshmen in college. :)

This little guy, Apollo - now looking for his forever home - is Jenny's second favorite from the trip --- he was our talker and made sure we were staying awake during the night!

This sweet girl was by far the best behaved girl on the trip. If you live in the Nashua area and are looking for a sweet girl to add to your family, be sure to check her out at

This was Jenifer's pick, Lucy, - we called him scruffy - was the smallest of the bunch. Despite being a young one, he already had a beard! (as you can see, he is quite the lover too!)

Sweet Manny's new kennel mate is playing with his toy - the only toy that made it on the trip! Manny was the last one to get out of the van and he was such the trooper.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Early Arrival in Nashua, NH

We made great time and arrived in Nashua, NH well ahead of schedule - 3:30am Central time and 4:30am Eastern. Tammy DeVito, our contact at Nashua, came out bright and early to help us unload the dogs, clean out the van and take us on a tour of the facility.

A special note to the volunteers of Nashua Humane: Tammy informed us that you were following our blog so we were disappointed that we did not get to meet you due to our super early arrival. Please send us a photo of you all (Tammy has Jenifer's email), and we will post it here so all the readers of our blog can meet you and know about the wonderful work you are doing.

The pups were very happy to finally be released from their crates. They were all walked before they were placed in their temporary homes at Nashua. We anticipate all will be adopted within a few days. We will continue to update the blog as Tammy informs us of their adoptions. If any new families of the pups will send us photos, we will include them here.

Photos of the dogs as we left them, safe and sound!

Early Morning Ramblings

We are just thirty minutes shy of arriving at the shelter and we are still going strong from all of our coffee we have drunk! The dogs are doing GREAT and we have each picked out our "favorites" in the bunch (as you can see from Jenifer's earlier posts).

Since out last post, we have successfully driven through NY City in some serious traffic. Despite our size, we made it through without a scratch. The first blunder of the day arrived when Jenifer got behind the wheel (yes, it was Jenny who drove through the hard times) and Jenifer informed me for the first time that she has night blindness (which she informed me of after she got behind the wheel on the interstate). Shortly thereafter she blew right through a toll booth...oops.

We have one "talker" in the back who likes to make sure from time to time that we are still awake and doing fine - he has on occasion influenced the others to join in.

Our next post to follow will hopefully be of the little ones finally getting out of their cages and to the next step to finding their forever home.