Monday, November 9, 2009

17 dogs & 2,500 miles

We are on the last leg of our journey traveling through Alabama. We cannot wait to hear from the new families that adopt the dogs that made this trip with us. A BIG thanks to Joan of, Brooke and Brittany Maness who supported and checked on us throughout our journey and to Anna Nelson who provided us with yummy treats.

Without our supporters financially, these trips would not be possible. THANK YOU for supporting the cause and these dogs so that they can have a chance at life.

We will continue to update the blog with news from New Hampshire when the little ones get adopted and find their way to their new families.

Our lofty goal of $10,000 for our 10,000 miles has not been reached. We will continue our fundraising efforts from this site. If this if your first visit to our blog, it is NOT too late to contribute to the cause!

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