Saturday, November 7, 2009


8:30am departure time. A little later than planned (we were hoping for an 8:00am departure). Jenifer fully takes the blame for the late start - she woke up a little too late to finish packing and making sandwiches to take on the trip. Both Jenifer and Jenny thank Anna Alford Nelson for spending yesterday baking vegan treats. (Jenifer is vegan.)

There are seventeen (17) dogs on this transport drive. Most drives typically take around thirty (30). The number of dogs per transport depends on the availability of shelters to receive and for this transport, only one Shelter, Nashua, is available and able to accept seventeen.

Jenny has taken the first leg of the drive.

And Jenifer has a great view of Betty over her shoulder.

The pups seem pretty happy. No one is barking and most are laying in their cages. We will continue to keep you updated by posting throughout the trip and will try to respond to your comments along the way.


  1. Hey Girls (and pups)! I am glad to hear you are on the road safe and sound!! I am thinking about you all today and will be following along on the blog! ~Brittany

  2. Jenifer.... why aren't you wearing your 'i am birmingham' shirt?? :)

  3. Brittany, the "I am Birmingham" shirt made the trip and may be making an appearance later. :)