Sunday, November 8, 2009

Early Morning Ramblings

We are just thirty minutes shy of arriving at the shelter and we are still going strong from all of our coffee we have drunk! The dogs are doing GREAT and we have each picked out our "favorites" in the bunch (as you can see from Jenifer's earlier posts).

Since out last post, we have successfully driven through NY City in some serious traffic. Despite our size, we made it through without a scratch. The first blunder of the day arrived when Jenifer got behind the wheel (yes, it was Jenny who drove through the hard times) and Jenifer informed me for the first time that she has night blindness (which she informed me of after she got behind the wheel on the interstate). Shortly thereafter she blew right through a toll booth...oops.

We have one "talker" in the back who likes to make sure from time to time that we are still awake and doing fine - he has on occasion influenced the others to join in.

Our next post to follow will hopefully be of the little ones finally getting out of their cages and to the next step to finding their forever home.

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