Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet Toby

When Jenny and I arrived back at Shelby Humane, we were so happy for the pups who made the trip. We also wanted to take a quick walk through the shelter and meet the pups who still need homes. Fellow Shelter Partner drivers will understand the disappointment felt when you drop a vanload of dogs off in New Hampshire to be adopted and return to Alabama and so many more dogs who also need homes.

During our walk through the shelter, we met Toby, a nine year old hound who has been there for a while. The reason why Toby is at Shelby Humane and his affectionate personality have made him a shelter favorite. Ronda, Shelby Humane's executive director, told us Toby's story and why she and the staff are so dedicated to find him a home.

Toby was turned in to the shelter, where he was held for seven (7) days in hopes that his owner would find him. After those seven (7) days had expired, Toby was neutered (by law and Shelby Humane's practice). Toby's owner came to the shelter a couple of days later. When Ronda took Toby's owner to him, he refused to take Toby back because, in the owner's own words, "the dog was no longer of any use to him." Toby's owner is a hunter and owns several hounds (it's probably safe to say all unaltered) who he breeds and uses to hunt. Toby's owner left him at the shelter, with no concern as to his fate. Ronda and the staff of Shelby Humane, who see so many lost dogs who are never united with their owners, were appalled and vowed to find Toby a good home.

Toby is around nine years old and loves playgroup with the other dogs. He is very affectionate and deserves a real home. You can adopt Toby by stopping by Shelby Humane at 361 McDow Road, Columbiana, AL. Directions are available at or by calling the shelter at (205) 669-3916.

If you adopt Toby, we will feature your story on this blog.


  1. Toby's story make me so sad. On the other hand, if he can be placed in a home where he is loved rather than just used, maybe the last part of his life will be better. I could just hug his neck this minute, but already have 6 dogs whose necks I get to hug every, no more at this point. I read your story on Joan's blog "for the love of a house" and copied it over to mine, Best wishes to you girls - your work is so good!

  2. I have faith that Toby's story will end up a happy one. Thank you so much for posting our blog on your gorgeous site.

  3. Hello Jenifer & Jenny!
    I wanted to let you know that we stopped by the Nashua Humane Society today to check on the pups! I'm sure you already know, but I was so happy to hear that Bloop and Betty and Dixie had been adopted! While we were there a couple was very interested in Sam and took him out of his pen for some one on one time! I hope he found his new people today. Juna was there- she is a doll... they all were. We walked and no one barked they all just wagged at us and got up to greet us as we approached each pen. They all seemed very happy and appreciative of being there. It was our first time there and it is a lovely facility.
    Thank you again for bringing the pups home!!