Monday, November 9, 2009

The Morning After . . .

We made it as far as Kingsport, Tennessee last night - 37 hours straight! We located a hotel, thanks to the help of my (Jenny's) husband Zach, and crashed for the night.

Yesterday the battery to the laptop was running low, so we weren't able to blog as we traveled
south. After departing Nashua, we made our way to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to meet a fellow supporter of the trip, Candace Hunter. We met at a delicious Indian restaurant - Passage to India - enjoyed good food and good conversation. After departing Candace, we drove as far as we could get (despite thinking we might make it all the way back!). We did find a cozy Comfort Inn where interestingly enough, Samford's debate team was also staying!

To start our morning out right, an older gentlemen in the lobby thought we were freshmen in college. :)

This little guy, Apollo - now looking for his forever home - is Jenny's second favorite from the trip --- he was our talker and made sure we were staying awake during the night!

This sweet girl was by far the best behaved girl on the trip. If you live in the Nashua area and are looking for a sweet girl to add to your family, be sure to check her out at

This was Jenifer's pick, Lucy, - we called him scruffy - was the smallest of the bunch. Despite being a young one, he already had a beard! (as you can see, he is quite the lover too!)

Sweet Manny's new kennel mate is playing with his toy - the only toy that made it on the trip! Manny was the last one to get out of the van and he was such the trooper.

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  1. I am SO impressed that you guys made it that far! That is mine and Brittany's hometown! I wish we would have known that is where you were and our parents would have put you guys up for the night!

    Be safe on the home stretch!